How to Teach Like a 5th Year Teacher

What your education classes didn't teach you | taught by Heather Brandon
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Heather Brandon
Heather Brandon

About the instructor

As the daughter of a teacher and granddaughter of two teachers, my whole life has been immersed in education. Dinner conversations were often about literacy strategies and summers were full of learning activities disguised as play. Today, I am co-founder of Learning Artistically and a classroom teacher. I have been a high school theatre teacher since 2005 and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Education with an emphasis on STEAM. I believe that the arts provides students with the crucial 21st skills and that they can be easily integrated into any classroom. I am passionate about helping other teachers use the arts and arts strategies to increase learning. I believe professional development should be engaging, useful, and accessible when YOU need it.

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Excited, but Nervous for Your First Teaching Job?

  • Prepare the right way now, so you don't play catch up throughout the year.
  • The things you must do to make your classroom run smoothly
  • What do you actually do on the first day??
  • What can you do to earn the respect of your administrators, fellow teachers, students and parents?
  • How to set the tone now for the teacher you want to be in the future.

We Know Because We've Been There!

We've made the mistakes and we know how to fix them. Coming from an education family, the ins and outs of teaching is practically in our blood.

We'll help you do more than survive the first year, we'll help you thrive and teach like it's your 5th year!


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Q: I just took a bunch of education classes. How is this different?

A: We are not trying to replace your credentialing/licensing program. We just know exactly how difficult the first couple of years are and we want to help you meet those challenges. We're REAL teachers and we live this every day and that is our goal: to give you practical advice that makes the first years a little easier.

Q: Can't I just find this information on the internet?

A: Probably. There is a ton of information out there. Too much. What we have put together is very specific tips and suggestions based on what we think you will need right away to avoid the most common problems that new teachers face. We want to save you the stress and frustration that usually comes with the first years of teaching.

Q: Do I need this!

A: Are you nervous? Not sure of what to expect? Need to professional development anyway?Then yes! You need this.

Q: I don't have a lot of money right now. Can I take it later?

A: This course is designed specifically for the beginning of the year, so we will only be running this class for a limited time. We are offering payment plans to ease the burden of a one time payment. Also, this price will only be available for a limited time and will be raised the next time we offer it.

Q: Can I get more advice?

A: We provide more support through a Facebook group dedicated to helping new teachers. If you are not already a member, you can request access.

Course Contents

1 Video
2 Multimedia
9 Texts
3 PDFs
8 Presentations
5.0 hrs