Mastering Classroom Management

taught by Heather Brandon
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Heather Brandon
Heather Brandon

About the instructor

As the daughter of a teacher and granddaughter of two teachers, my whole life has been immersed in education. Dinner conversations were often about literacy strategies and summers were full of learning activities disguised as play. Today, I am co-founder of Learning Artistically and a classroom teacher. I have been a high school theatre teacher since 2005 and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Education with an emphasis on STEAM. I believe that the arts provides students with the crucial 21st skills and that they can be easily integrated into any classroom. I am passionate about helping other teachers use the arts and arts strategies to increase learning. I believe professional development should be engaging, useful, and accessible when YOU need it.

One of the most common questions I hear from new teachers is, "Do you have any tips for classroom management?" Of course I do! So here there are: 5 tips for mastering classroom management.

Course Contents

4 Videos
1 Text
5 PDFs
2.0 hrs